irreplaceable!BBC主撥說: He is irreplaceable!Pete Postlethwaite 參演”以父之名”被提名最佳配角他關鍵字廣告還參演侏儸紀公園續集, 以他的扮相飾演古裝劇較有形因癌症病逝享年64. Oscar-nominated actor Pete Postlethwaite dies 酒店兼職aged 64Pete Postlethwaite in the film Brassed Off - Footage courtesy of Four FilmContinue 酒店打工reading the main story Oscar-nominated British actor Pete Postlethwaite has died at the age of 房屋二胎64, a spokesman has announced.Journalist and friend Andrew Richardson said the actor, who was 當鋪appointed OBE in 2003, died peacefully in hospital in Shropshire after a lengthy illness.In 九份民宿1994, he was nominated for an Oscar for In The Name of the Father about the IRA's Guildford 小型辦公室pub bombings.Former girlfriend Julie Walters praised him as "the most exciting, exhilarating 膠原蛋白actor of his generation".The actress said Postlethwaite was a "big part" of her early acting 個人信貸career which they spent touring pubs together in a theatre group.


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